Hot Tin Streetcar

Join us for improvised Tennessee Williams on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30


Sing It Seattle!

Just a bunch of people coming together to sing, play and have fun!


Market Ghost Stories

A ghostly adventure through the Pike Place Market on Saturdays and Sundays


Sunrise Club

It's an improvised night to remember on Sundays at 8:30


Times of Our Lives

Every night, our improvisers bring one major event to life on Thursdays at 8:30


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TheaterSports, all the way! They are goofy, silly, funny, unabashed, clever, witty people. I didn't know what to expect before going but found myself laughing at practically everything they did or said. This is improv comedy at its finest

Lea A.

Unexpected Productions is a Seattle Staple located in Pike's Market. Wander down the cobble street past gum wall to the venue. Always ready with fun improv that rotates new themes each month, however, you can attend every week and it's always different due to crowd suggestions!

Cyndi C.