Ahsan Butt (Ensemble (Alumnus))

Ahsan is crazy stoked to join the Unexpected Productions ensemble!  While writing and performing for his high-school sketch show, Ahsan started to dabble in loose, fundamentally unsound improv.  It wasn't until years later after migrating from Toronto to Seattle that he started to practise the craft for serious.

Whether performing in TheaterSports, co-founding groups such as United Nations of Improv (now defunct) and Human Propaganda (still funct), or performing as a member of UP's long-form group Fat Kid Magic, Ahsan has an IV of improv steadily streaming into his veins.  He once asked a doctor about it and the doctor said, 'yes...improv will probably kill you.'  Despite being worried, Ahsan tries to remain upbeat about the prognosis.




First Performance Date:
     Friday, January 13, 2012

First Theatresports Team:
     Two Men and a Baby with Colin Smith and Mike Robles

     December 2

     Brampton, ON (Canada!)

Favorite Improv Games:
     Arms debate

Childhood Dream Job:
     Math Professor (I know, right?)

Fictional Character:

Favorite Superhero:
     I am Batman.