Andy King Robertson (Ensemble)

Andy Robertson became interested in theater at a young age.  After numerous high school and college productions, she put her performance career on hold to read many heavy books.

She then enrolled in Taproot to take acting classes, but eventually became interested in improv, and began with UP’s Improv 100 with the inimitable  Jill Farris  in 2001. 

She was also a member of the short-lived but infamous all-female sketch/comedy group Crash Test Bunny.

 In 2003 she auditioned into the UP Ensemble, and has been delighted to be involved with this wonderful group of funny people ever since.

 When she is not on stage at the Market Theatre, Andy can be seen in small “theaters” across the Puget Sound, performing for select audiences of 6 or 12 people who didn’t get out of jury duty.

First Performance Date:
     Friday, March 28, 2003

First Theatresports Team:
     About Bloody Time with Greg Stackhouse & Gabe Denning