Dan Posluns (Ensemble)

Dan Posluns was first bitten by the improv bug back at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where he was a founding member of their improv team and went on to become its director before graduating in 2003. Later exploits found him improvising both in Hamilton and his home town of Toronto, and with several groups when living in New York City. He is extremely proud to have found a home at Unexpected Productions here in Seattle. In his off-hours he can be found performing all manner of theatre both scripted and unscripted, working as a software engineer (but not for Microsoft), and trying desperately hard to get cast in musicals despite a profound lack of singing or dancing capability.

First Performance Date:
     Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Theatresports Team:
     Prickly Cactus with Greg Stackhouse, Jill Farris and Stephanie Wichmann

     December 19

     Toronto, Ontario



Favorite Improv Games:
     Shakespeare Scene, Kick It, Crosstalk

Other Jobs:
     Software engineer; video game developer

Childhood Dream Job:

Fictional Character:
     Dunstan Ramsey

Spirit Animal:

Favorite Superhero: