Elizabeth Brammer (Ensemble)

Elizabeth Brammer graduated from Denison University with a BFA in Theatre Performance, then left Ohio for lands then unknown.  During her subsequent journey, she's been involved in improv, sketch, theater, commercials, short films, long films, medium sized films and television in Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, and (currently) Seattle.  Elizabeth likes hiking, bouldering, quilting, cooking, writing, chickens, dogs, lists, and binge-watching TV series. She also has a day job!     

Elizabeth is very excited to be a part of Unexpected Productions.  

First Performance Date:
     Saturday, November 30, 2013

First Theatresports Team:
     Randy Dixon, Michelle Hippe, and Sidney Hunt

     October 11

     Shadyside, Ohio

Favorite Improv Games:
     Any guessing game

Childhood Dream Job:
     Toll Collector at a Toll Booth… then actor.

Fictional Character:
     The Doctor

Spirit Animal:

Favorite Superhero:
     Dream (?)