Jay Hitt (Ensemble)


Jay Hitt was born in Seattle WA.   He began his improv career in 1988 after graduating with a degree in Theatre Arts at Casper College in Wyoming. After moving back to Seattle he began performing improv with various groups around the area, Wheel of Improv, Simply Improv, Improvus Comicus, and was a founding member of Fresh Art Entertainment. He soon began touring the country as part of an improv / stand-up comedy duo with college buddy Mike Capp.   In 1993 Jay became an official member of Unexpected Productions. In addition to Theatresports and a variety of long-form improv shows, he started teaching and coaching improv in 1998. Some of his most influential teachers outside of his UP training have been Del Close, Keith Johnstone, Charna Halpern, Avery Schreiber, Enrique Pardue, Rachel Rosenthal, and   Mick Napier. He would also like to give a special note of thanks to Tom Empey, his CC drama teacher, and Bruce Baker, his first improv teacher.   As well as performing in hundreds of improvised shows and stand-up comedy, he has also performed in many plays from musicals to drama to comedy. In 2007 he became the Managing Director of Unexpected Productions. He conceived and directed the hit sci-fi improv show "Where's Earth," the multi-playwrite genre show "Playborhood" and "Nevermore: Poe Unexpected." He's the creator of "Duo Comedy Showcase" and "Womb Escape: Xtreme Improv Tournament" which are still going strong. His Rat Pack inspired "Cat Pack: Improv Variety Show" plays at local clubs as well as various improv festivals around the country. Piggyback: Stand-up Comedy and Improv Unite, Tribe Has Spoken and Haunted Doorways have had successful multi-year runs. He has reinvented and created a number of UP events such as the Student Showcase, Xtreme New Years Eve Party, Comedy fo Love, Mother's Day Improv Show, to name a few.  Jay was instrumental in facilitating the move from the Market Theater to the Intiman Playhouse then back again during the 2011-12 market renovations. In 2017 he became co-artistic director for the board of the globally recognized International Theatresports Institute. 

First Performance Date:
     Saturday, June 5, 1993

First Theatresports Team:
     Not Josh with Scott Creighton, Annie Lareau, & Eric Schmidt

     Seattle WA


Favorite Improv Games:

Spirit Animal:

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