Kristen Rau (Ensemble (Alumnus))

Kristen got a BFA in Theatre from Southern Oregon University where she did some plays. She moved to Seattle post college and immediately began taking improv classes because they terrified her.  Then she fell in love with it and became a company member.  Then she moved to New York City for two years and took some classes with The Upright Citizens Brigade.  Now she performs regularly in Theatresports and Unexpected Theatre Productions.  Something personal? She LOVES Organized Crime films and Horror films, but closes her eyes and ears through the violent parts.

First Performance Date:
     Sometime in February, 2005

First Theatresports Team:
     I do not remember. The excitement overcame me.

     June 19

     Portland Oregon

Childhood Dream Job:
     Professional basketball player or chimp trainer.

Favorite Superhero:
     Captain Kangaroo