Laurel Ryan (Artistic Associate)



Laurel Ryan is all woman, baby.  She started out doing improvisational theatre with Second City on the mean streets of Los Angeles.  You may recognize Laurel from her illustrious career as a reenactment actor and audience extra. Evading the law and the smog, Laurel moved to Seattle where she has performed in both scripted and unscripted shows with Unexpected Productions, Wing-It Productions, Live Girls! and Exit Theatre.  She can be seen almost every weekend in TheatreSports at the Market Theatre.  She also teaches children and high school students the finer points of improvisation.  Aliases include Sandrine Vagine, a washed up French actress and singer who had a 42 hour marriage to Mickey Rourke.   Laurel enjoys Dr. Pepper lip gloss.


First Performance Date:
     Friday, April 25, 2008

First Theatresports Team:
     Jock Strap Jungle with Jay Hitt, Tim Tracey, & Marc Carvajal

     August 30

     Bay Area, CA


Favorite Improv Games:
     Opera, Called Movie, Irish Drama, New Choice

Childhood Dream Job:
     Marine Biologist in outer space that was also a movie star

Fictional Character:
     Jean Brodie

Spirit Animal:
     Bayside Tiger

Favorite Superhero:
     Powdered Toast Man