Lindsay Grimm (Ensemble)

Lindsay began improvising in 2008 as a student at U.P. and, after taking the full suite of classes, immersed herself in the Seattle improv scene as a member of Quiet Monkey Fight and Human Propaganda. She joined the U.P. ensemble in 2011.

Originally from the Boston area, Lindsay holds a BA in Political Science and an MBA. She works in strategy for the third-most admired company in the world (according to Fortune, anyway).

First Performance Date:
     Friday, January 27, 2012

First Theatresports Team:
     Mostly Beardless (with Dan Posluns, Tony Beeman and Cheryl Platz)

     Needham, MA

Favorite Improv Games:
     Narrative Collage, Madrigals, Meanwhile, Crime Endowment

Fictional Character:
     Tobias Funke

Favorite Superhero:
     Meryl Streep