Melissa Reaves (Ensemble)

Melissa started acting as a child and embarked on improv in her 20's---but found it a lot more nerve wracking just due to a need for more life experience to draw upon. Her acting career went on hold for 20 years to raise her family and sales career---but then found herself back at it in 2014 where she took her first UP improv class. Now older and wiser---improv has become an amazing source to channel a variety of Life experiences into an art form.  A year later, with lots of hard work, she made it into the ensemble and has appeared in many shows including: Happy Hours, Theater Sports, Hot.Tin.Street Car, Hip Hopera and many special holiday shows. Improv is a way of life!

First Performance Date:
     Wednesday, June 1, 2016

     June 22

     Grand Rapids, MI


Favorite Improv Games:
     First Time You Met or Scar Story

Other Jobs:
     Software Technology Sales for Marketers

Childhood Dream Job:
     To star in a sit com or be a Saturday Night Live Player

Fictional Character:
     Mary Tyler Moore or Carol Burnette's Eunice character

Spirit Animal:
     Honey Bee

Favorite Superhero: