Rob Whitehead (Ensemble)

Rob joined UP in 2015. He has performed in short and longform shows at UP and at Jet City Improv and when he was a member of UW's Best and Only Improv Troupe, The Collective. Shows include: Objection!, D&DProv, It's The Brain, Final Transmission, It's Your Wonderful Life, Final Fantasy: The Improvised Adventure (2012 & 2014), House of Ink, and The Danger Games.

Outside of improv he enjoys running long distances, looking at dogs, and being the slowest member of his ultimate frisbee team.

First Performance Date:
     December 11th, 2015

First Theatresports Team:
     Fully Chuffed with Jana Hutchison, Ashley Flannegan, and Dan Posluns

     April 1

     Fair Haven, NJ



Favorite Improv Games:
     Just A Minute, Spit Take

Childhood Dream Job:

Fictional Character:

Spirit Animal:
     Billy goat