Sidney Jayne Hunt (Ensemble (Alumnus))

 Sidney is a long-time listener, first-time caller in the improv world. She began taking improv classes at Jet City in January 2012 and has wanted to do nothing else since then (except maybe eat some pie). A (semi-)recent graduate from the University of Washington, she majored in Drama, and traveled to Pontlevoy, France in 2010 to study the acting styles of LeCoq, Commedia Dell'Arte, and Brechtian Theatre (about 65% of which she understood). 

Sidney also enjoys drawing, playing piano, singing, sitting directly in front of heating vents, and playing cribbage on her phone. She's really good at cribbage. Really. 

She would like to thank her family and friends for all the amazing character material, and her uh-mah-zing fiancé, Jeff. 

First Performance Date:
     October 20, 2012

First Theatresports Team:
     Witch Hunt with Elicia Wickstead, Jana Hutchinson, and Holly Lendowsky

     October 18

     Bellevue, WA



Favorite Improv Games:
     Accents, Slow Motion Commentary, Emotional List

Other Jobs:

Childhood Dream Job:
     Street Magician

Fictional Character:
     Jerri Blank or Dr. Ian Malcolm

Spirit Animal:
     Kristen Wiig