Tiffany Swanson (Ensemble)

When Tiffany started taking Unexpected Productions improv classes in July 2009, she knew she found her home.  Tiffany’s main stage debut was UP’s “Fools Gone Wild” variety show in April 2011.  She is a thrilled to be a member of the Theatresports Ensemble, is a proud member of "ImprovAnonymous”, UP’s long-form group, and loves performing with the dirty/sexy/funny "Girls With Power Tools". Tiffany loves to freestyle rap, perform karaoke, dance, practice yoga, and drink beer. She loves making up characters and playing them in bars to see if they’re believable. Tiffany studied ballet and other types of dance for 14 years, and can still (almost) do the splits.

Tiffany graduated with a Communications degree from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and is a party planner.

First Performance Date:
     Friday, September 14, 2012

First Theatresports Team:
     Tiffany & Co with Chazz Kaske, Andy Schroeder and Dan Zertuche

     Lacey, Washington


Favorite Improv Games:
     Accents, Kick-It, Narrative Ballet

Other Jobs:
     Event Planner

Childhood Dream Job:
     Archeologist and/or Ballerina

Fictional Character:
     Marty Sphfinx

Spirit Animal:

Favorite Superhero:
     Jay Hitt