Tim Tracey (Ensemble)

As an ensemble member at Unexpected Productions, Tim Tracey is a regular on the Main Stage in Theatresports and Gumwall Rally.

He has performed in other Unexpected Productions such as: Black Eyed Blonde, Citizen Scrooge, and Magnum Farce (an improvised show in the style of a Dirty Harry movie). Tim created and directed the hit improv shows "Honky Tonk" and "Army Man." 

Tim has performed at the Improviganza in Edmonton, the Toronto Improv Festival, and at the Upfront Theatre in Bellingham, WA .

Prior to joining Unexpected Productions, Tim was a founding member of local improv group ImprovFaction.

He has appeared in many on-line commercials as well as starring in the short film “1-900-CHASE ME” which won first prize in the 2006 Seattle Totally Independent Film Festival.

Tim teaches the 300 class level at the UP Improv School, taught high school improv teams, and served as acting Director of the high school Hogan Cup Improvisation Tournament in 2007. 

Tim is also a member of the Unexpected Productions Board of Directors and serves as its Secretary.

Tim has a BA in History from the University of California , Santa Barbara.

First Performance Date:
     Friday, February 11, 2005

First Theatresports Team:
     High Pitched Nancy with John Faga, Michelle Lloyd, & Michael White

     June 8

     Canoga Park, CA

Favorite Improv Games:

Other Jobs:
     Project Manager

Childhood Dream Job:
     Owning a bar

Fictional Character:
     Arturo Bandini

Spirit Animal:
     Saber toothed tiger

Favorite Superhero:
     Super heroes aren't real.