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What's New?

This is a sketch writing workshop for anyone interested learning to build written comedic sketches for the stage.

First, you will learn to identify the main types of sketch, watching examples of each and breaking down their structure. Then, spend the rest of the time in a supportive, collaborative, open environment writing and editing one sketch (individually or with a partner). We will explore techniques and tips to develop an idea, write a first draft, and edit. During this fast-paced afternoon, you will work on idea generation, characters, point-of-view, and will walk away at least 1 complete sketch and the skills for writing a well-structured, hilarious, dynamic sketch.

You will develop scenes that incorporate your personality, your personal style, and your personal type of humor.

You will need a notebook and pen, and it is strongly preferred for you to also bring a fully-charged laptop. This is a terrific opportunity for the seasoned writer or beginner.

Elizabeth Brammer and Joel Osborne are a two-person sketch comedy powerhouse that has been headlining around the country. They have a combined 20+ years comedy experience. You can see their duo, Liz & Joel Sketch Comedy, around Seattle. Elizabeth Brammer is an ensemble member of Unexpected Productions and Pocket Players. She has studied sketch and improv at The Groundlings, Second City, and ColdTowne Theater, and was previously a member of Austin's ColdTowne Theater's MainStage sketch group. Joel Osborne was previously a member of award-winning Austin-based sketch groups Your Terrific Neighbors and The Plurals.

November 22, 12:00 – 5:30
Class size12






Why Take Improv Classes?

Why should you take improv classes?

Thousands of students have passed through Unexpected Productions' improv classes. Some are looking to pursue the art of Improvisational Theatre. Some are looking to improve their public presentation or team skills. Some are looking to overcome shyness, to meet others, or simply to have fun and laugh with a group of fun, easy-going people.

Whatever the reason, Unexpected Productions' teachers work hard to teach the basics of improv, which are not only useful to improvisers, but to anybody wanting to work with others, as a member of a team, as an effective communicator, as a good listener, or simply as a friend!

With 25 years experience, Unexpected Productions' teachers have had thousands of success stories, from groups of friends to stand-up-comedians, from successful improvisers to Hollywood Stars, and from local-business owners to Vice Presidents of Fortune 500 companies!

Our quarterly classes are one of the best values in town for acting / improv classes.  All quarterly classes are eight weeks long. 

About The School

Since its beginnings in 1986, the Unexpected Productions Improv School has become the largest and most established school of improv in the Northwest.

UP's improv classes have spawned many improv groups and well known improvisers, including several who have gone on to entertain and teach all over the USA.  They've also formed a lot of great relationships, including some of which haven't ended in terrible tragedy!

If you have any questions about the improv school, please contact us at school@unexpectedproductions.org.