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Topsy Turvy with Randy Dixon 10/24 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Topsy Turvy, is when the top is downward and the bottom up. The long form Topsy Turvy is a study in opposites. The goal of the form is turn everything upside down after every move. In the class, we spend time examining and playing internal themes in addition to the traditional story. You will learn skills to help you delve deeper in looking at scene work with a new intensity. Once this insight is gained, a bold choice is required which will take 100% commitment in order work. You will learn to trust your instincts more and take more risks. Skills offered in class: Making committed choices from the beginning and throughout scenes. Scene and story analysis, strong contrasting character choices, connecting with your fellow performers.

Maximum Students: 16

Cost: $85

Prerequisite: None, However, completion of Improv 100 or any basic improve class appreciated

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About the Instructor, Randy Dixon

"On top of being an art form, improvisation is a force for good encouraging people to listen, cooperate, and stimulate their imagination, their creativity, and their generosity without imposing some kind of ideology on them. This force needs to be spread, and I believe Randy Dixon deserves to be at the core of this venture."

Mignon Reme, Artistic Director of Hidden Shakespeare in Hamburg, Germany.

Randy Dixon is one of the most experienced improvisational artists in the Northwest. He has extensive experience in teaching and directing the Harold format. He is considered the creator of the “Seattle Harold.” He has appeared on television, film and local stages. In 1983, he was a founding member of Unexpected Productions, home to Seattle's longest running show, Seattle TheatreSports™. Randy has served as the Artistic Director of Unexpected Productions since 1988. He has conceived, directed, and acted in thousands of shows. He is also the founder of the international improvisation group, Orcas Island Project.

Randy teaches, performs and directs improvisational theater all over the world. His book on improvisation, Being Present: Spontaneous Storytelling and the Art of Improvisation was published in German. In addition, he consults with many companies and corporations using applied improvisation. Randy has a B.F.A. in Drama and a Master's Degree in Mythological Studies.

Powerful and unforgettable improv comedy performances have three things in common:  presentational energy, emotional truth and heightened listening and patience. Some schools of thought would have us believe that a single trick or task will lead us to improv glory each and every time: Find a BIG character! Find what the scene is about and then heighten! Find the relationship! Find the truth! These are incredible tools, but truth is they are smaller parts of a much bigger picture. This workshop will focus on scenework and exercises designed to wrangle the essential elements of patience, presentational energy and emotional truth in order to manifest the ultimate improv comedy performance!  

Skills offered in class: The ability to remain patient and energetic on stage while embracing the emotional truths, depths and offers we might encounter in our improv comedy scenes.
Date: 11/14/15
Time: 12pm-5:30 pm
Location: The Market Theater 
Maximum Students: 16
Cost: $85
Prerequisite: Basic/Intermediate Improv 
Teacher Bio: 
Scott is an actor, singer and comedian originally from Seattle, WA. He now resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three Boston Terriers Oliver, Audrey and Eloise. Scott is an alumnus of Improv Olympic West, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, CSZ LA and Impro Theatre. Improv comedy credits include The Deltones at iO West, Unexpected Productions, LA Theatresports, Rapid Fire Theatre’s Improvaganza, CSZ LA Main Company and the Chicago Improv Festival. Acting Credits include: “Scrubs,” “The Tonight Show,” indie films, web series and various commercials and Equity musicals.


Why Take Improv Classes?

Why should you take improv classes?

Thousands of students have passed through Unexpected Productions' improv classes. Some are looking to pursue the art of Improvisational Theatre. Some are looking to improve their public presentation or team skills. Some are looking to overcome shyness, to meet others, or simply to have fun and laugh with a group of fun, easy-going people.

Whatever the reason, Unexpected Productions' teachers work hard to teach the basics of improv, which are not only useful to improvisers, but to anybody wanting to work with others, as a member of a team, as an effective communicator, as a good listener, or simply as a friend!

With 25 years experience, Unexpected Productions' teachers have had thousands of success stories, from groups of friends to stand-up-comedians, from successful improvisers to Hollywood Stars, and from local-business owners to Vice Presidents of Fortune 500 companies!

Our quarterly classes are one of the best values in town for acting / improv classes.  All quarterly classes are eight weeks long. 

About The School

Come play with us. Try something new...take an improv class. Have fun, make new friends and tell YOUR story. Learn the basics of improvisation. Discover how to actively listen, to use your own life to create stories, and work on the fundamental principles of improvisation.

Discover the power of collaborative storytelling and connecting with your audience (on stage, at home, or at work). Step out of your shell, be funny and gain some incredible life skills.

Add more spontaneity and playfulness to your life.  

Emphasis will be placed on understanding and utilizing basic scene work skills, and most importantly, having fun. Lots of laughs and lots of stage time. Make new friends, and gain new skills. Thousands of students have passed through Unexpected Productions' improv classes. 

This 8-week class will help you expand your skills including:

The art of improv

Improve public presentation or teaming skills

Overcome shyness

Public Speaking

Being Present



Active Listening

Building Ideas 

Affirming Ideas




Or, simply to meet others, have fun and laugh with a group of fun, easy-going peop

Unexpected  Productions' teachers instruct the basics of improv, which are not only useful to improvisers, but to anybody wanting to work with others, as a member of a team, as an effective communicator, as a good listener, or simply as a friend!

All quarterly classes are $225. All quarterly classes are eight weeks long.


If you have any questions about the improv school, please contact us at school@unexpectedproductions.org.