Duos Open Mic Wednesdays 8:30

The Duo Comedy Improv Showcase is Seattle's ONLY improv open mic. This Wednesday improvisers of all experience levels will gather to create virtual improv fun.


Wild Card: Improv Experiments Online Thursday 8:30

At 8:30 pm, Thursdays Unexpected Productions improvisers from Improv Anonymous present Wild Card Improv Experiments Online. The improvisers take off the safety net of carefully rehearsed structures and open it up and create some unexpected experiments.


Seattle Theatresport Online Friday 7:00

This Friday at 7:00, get ready to cheer and boo virtual when you become a part of Theatresports online. Based on your suggestions, two teams of incredible improvisers rumble, creating exciting fast-paced improv games, hilarious stories, scenes, and songs right on the spot and in the moment online.


5/30 1:00 PM Improv Chat and Q&A with Per Gottfredsson,

Randy Dixon chats with Per Gottfredsson, improv artist and teacher. Per is the artistic leader of DIG – Stockholm Impro Festival.


WIUP Mystery Hour: An Improvised Radio Comedy Online, Sat. 8:30 pm

WIUP Mystery Hour: An Improvised Radio Comedy is a hilarious excursion into the mayhem and madness of a live radio show online, completely based on YOUR suggestions.


Now Showing Online Wed.- Sat.

TheaterSports, all the way! They are goofy, silly, funny, unabashed, clever, witty people. I didn't know what to expect before going but found myself laughing at practically everything they did or said. This is improv comedy at its finest

Lea A.

Unexpected Productions is a Seattle Staple located in Pike's Market. Wander down the cobble street past gum wall to the venue. Always ready with fun improv that rotates new themes each month, however, you can attend every week and it's always different due to crowd suggestions!

Cyndi C.