Duo Comedy Showcase Wed. 8:00 PM

Online and Onstage LIVE at Unexpected Productions' Market Theater and streamed on Twitch.


Seattle Theatresports Fri., Sat. 8:30

Theatresports at Unexpected Productions is Seattle’s legendary weekly, high-stakes, competitive improv comedy show


Improv Unplugged Sun. 8:00pm

Improv Unplugged is a sampler of several styles of improv all packed into one show, from movie, literature, or play genres to experimental and risky comical improv forms!


Cupid on Mute: A Romantic Comedy Improv Show ONLINE, 9/18 11AM

Join us on this hilarious interactive journey, where chat plays Cupid as our characters seek remote romance through video calls.


Unexpected Guests, featuring Fat Cats 9/16 Thur. 8:00

At each performance, special invited guest improvisers will start then show then join our resident improvisers for a fun narrative improv. Featuring Fat Cats!