Corporate Training

Along with our extensive range of improv classes open to the public we also offer virtual corporate improv training and entertainment that will help your team bond and laugh using the principles of improv.

We bring levity to a standard online business meeting and help connect your staff despite physical distance.

And we can make it customizable to your company or group. If you have another idea or need for your specific team, talk to us and we can adapt what we do to suit your needs.

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What We Offer

  • 15 min Energy Bosting Meeting Openers where 2-3 pro improvisers take ideas from your team and turn them into hilarious morale boosting comedy. This can also include interactive and edjucational components as well
  • 30-60 min teambuilding improv virtual workshops where your team learns fun and simple improv techniques that improve connection, creativity, efficiency and communication all from the comfort of their laptop screens.

Improv's Value from the Experts

At Unexpected Productions we believe in the positive benefits improv has for teams in the corporate world.  Here are what the experts say:

“Once you get good at [improv], you’ll find it’s invaluable training for leadership.”

  • Doug Sundheim Forbes Four Lessons Leaders Can Learn from Improv Right Now May 21, 2020

“improv offers us a safe space to play well with others, go with the flow, and take a break from overanalyzing”

  • Clay Drinko Ph.D. Psychology Today Improv Boosts Creativity and Psychological Well-Being May 18, 2020

“Improv lets go of the belief that you have to get somewhere really creative right away. Embracing small steps will get you somewhere really fantastical. When you apply that to entrepreneurship or starting new businesses or building new products, it’s really the same thing.”

  • Charity Ferreira Stanford Magazine 8 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Improv November 12, 2019

“By improving everyone’ improvisational capabilities, we can all become better marketers, teammates, leaders and humans. [Improv] might just be the next big marketing trend.”

  • Meghann Craig Forbes Improv Training: The Power of Funny Business June 14, 2019

“The skills performers learn in improv — teamwork, collaboration, listening, communication, and the ability to adapt and problem-solve — can translate to social and professional skills sought after in many workplaces”

  • Juan Siliezar The Harvard Gazette For More Than Just Laughs May 1, 2019

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