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Duo Comedy Showcase with The Next Generation Gap

February 24 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Denny and Carter of The Next Generation Gap improv troupe perform LIVE at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater and streamed on Twitch. Wednesday 2/24 7:00pm.

Free and open to all! Wednesday 7:00 PT NOTE: This is LIVE event at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater and streamed on on UP’s Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/unexpectedproduction

In The Next Generation Gap, 18-year-old Carter and his significantly older dad Denny take on everything from Instagram to dating to music. It’s a revealing look at the different perceptions of each generation, especially when they reverse roles and you get to see what each one thinks the other is thinking.
The audience suggests a topic where a 21st-century kid might have a different take from his 20th Century dad. First, they have some “real talk” about the topic, sharing stories and thoughts, and then they follow with a montage of hilarious scenes based off the topic. When it comes to a teenager and his dad agreeing about anything–whether it’s smartphones, dating, music, or curfews–as you’d imagine there’s a lot to talk about. The hilarity not only comes from their different takes on the topics but their portrayal of each others’ approaches to life.
Denny and Carter trained at Unexpected Productions in Seattle, have been performing together since 2013, and have been father and son since 2002. They’ve recently performed at The Alaska State Improv Festival, the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, the San Francisco Improv Festival, and the Wasatch Improv Festival.