Duo Comedy Showcase
Wednesdays – 8 PM Pacific

The duo comedy showcase is opening up to Live in-the-theater audiences as well as online. We have improvisers performing from home and on stage LIVE at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater at the Gum Wall! Wednesday 8:00pm.
The Duo Comedy Improv Showcase is Seattle’s ONLY improv open mic. This Wednesday improvisers of all experience levels will gather to pair up to create improv fun.

SIGN UP! All experience levels sign up for this. So don’t be afraid – YOUR TEAM may be the next Penn & Teller, Martin & Lewis, Bevis and Butthead…. or you may end up driving off a cliff like Thelma & Louise! Sign your duo up at duoshowcase@gmail.com
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Seattle Theatresports LIVE at the Market Theater
Friday and Saturday – 9:00 PM Pacific

Seated apart… and laughing together. After one year in the dark, we want to thank YOU and welcome you back to Theatresports, Seattle’s legendary improv show LIVE. It’s the same Theatresports you love…based on your suggestion, two teams of improvisers rumble, competing with exciting improv games. Seating is limited and socially distanced. After this year, we all deserve to laugh…together. Join us at the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market.

All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable. There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers. Please confirm your date.
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No Strings Attached
Fri./Sat 8/19- 10/1 – 7 PM Pacific 

“Avenue Q” meets improv comedy in this adult puppet show at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater. What do puppets do after their day jobs? Well, after singing songs and dancing at the children’s theater, they let off steam by hanging out and causing all kinds of hijinx. The No Strings Attached crew gets a little rowdy, marionettes and sock puppets alike bust out with bawdy songs and jokes all based on your suggestions. At the Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater in Pike Place Market.


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A Shadow in the Doorway: An Improvised Film Noir
Sundays  – 7 PM Pacific 

If you like pulp fiction novels or seedy Noir movies, this show is for you! All the stories are improvised from audience suggestions in the style of Film Noir classics and performers, like Barbara Stanwyck in I’m Sorry, Wrong Number, and Lana Turner in The Postman Always Rings Twice. This show is populated with people on the run, love triangles turned deadly, and war veterans returning to a country that doesn’t understand them. What happens when temptation walks in the door of a once safe home? What happens when the only way to recover from a risky bet is to take another bet? Come find out in A Shadow On the Doorway

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Loose Cannons Improv
Thursdays 8 PM Pacific

You never know what will happen at Loose Cannons. Each show is different, exciting, dangerous, and fun. This will be a two-part improv. The first half of the night will present invited guests to perform a special show or style. You will create the suggestions and the ensemble will bring it to life.

The second half of the night’s format starts with a suggestion from the audience – this could undoubtedly be anything. Improvisers will start associating around the suggestion, and then an opening game is played. In this format, a lot of associated elements round the audience suggestions are presented. The opening game might be a song, a monologue, or simply a group association based on the audience’s suggestion. The idea is to use the elements and themes that come up or about in the opening game in what follows.

The improvisers will be loose cannons. What will they create? You decide! You are lighting the fuse.

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42nd International Comedy Competition
Thursdays 11/6 & 11/13

Laugh your night away at the real Last Comic Standing, the 41st Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition! UP Improv hosts America’s biggest touring comedy festival, the Seattle International Comedy Competition.

33 comedians from the U.S., Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and Africa compete for top honors and a shot at over $15,000 in cash prizes.

For 26 days with 22 Shows at 18 venues from Tacoma to Bellingham, these talented comics perform 10 minutes sets for you and talent executives from CBS, NBC, and more: movie studios, managers, agents, and producers. Your laughs help the judges pick the funniest of the bunch, so don’t hold back!

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Poe Unexpected
Fridays & Saturdays  – 7 PM Pacific 

Found in Poe’s attic, the lost tales that Poe never told and will never tell again Once upon a midnight dreary…Join Unexpected Production’s masters of stylistic improv for a spooky evening of improv based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Our wickedly funny performers will embrace the macabre and hilarity and leave your telltale heart screaming for Lenore! At the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market.

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Horror Unexpected
Sundays 10/1-10/30  – 7 PM Pacific 

Horror Unexpected is an eerie, spooky, entertaining, and fun improv parody show inspired by the works of the masters of horror. Based on your suggestions our talented performers will weave a never before seen spooky show that night, right in front of you. You decide. Come craft an unplugged story-worthy spoof in the style of the kings and queens of horror! Expected fun, humor, drama, and improvised horror. Together, we will create… Horror Unexpected.

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Improv Happy Hour 7pm  11/4, 11/5, 11/11, 11/12

Start your night off with a laugh! Come to a happy hour full of spontaneous fun! Comedy improv for all ages. Improv Happy Hour is a sampler of several styles of improv all packed into one show, from movie, literature, or play genres to experimental and risky comical improv forms! All content is based on audience suggestions so expect unexpected fun! At the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market. It’s a family-friendly show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again.

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A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol  7pm  11/25-12/23

Based on your suggestions, our improvisers will weave Dickens’ tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge in all sorts of hilarious ways. At this Seattle classic, each show is different merging this literary classic with over 30 audience suggestions into this holiday improvised show. Where does Scrooge work? What ails Tiny Tim? Does Scrooge even get reformed? It’s all up to you in this wild, hilarious, holiday ride. A holiday tradition for countless locals since 1985. Each night is a new version of this old favorite, so join us at the Market Theatre in Pike Place Market and have a blast creating your own Christmas classic. Tickets $20 online $25 at the door. Created by Randy Dixon, directed by Tony Beeman.

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Fa la la la la, ha ha ha ha: A Holiday Musical Extravaganza! 12/3 -12/17

Unexpected Productions’ ensemble members, Sarah Hanchar and Christine Riippi join together to celebrate everyone’s favorite part of the holiday season, the feel-good made-for-TV movie musical! This holiday treat begins with a festive sing-along and ends with a movie musical based on your suggestions. Join these two Jingle Bells at Unexpected Productions Market Theater for some yuletide fun for the whole family. Auld Lang Syne? More like, New Song Time!

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Xtreme Theatresports New Year’s Eve Party! 2022 12/31

Comedy, camaraderie, and champagne! Laugh your way into the new year with Unexpected Productions. We proudly present Seattle’s only fast-paced comedy improv battle. 20 hilarious improvisers split up into 4 teams and scored with cards marked 0-5 by the audience. This is an off-the-chart party. We will be giving away all sorts of gifts and provide all the hats, streamers and fun you expect. We careen full speed into the new year with a special champagne toast as the ball drops at midnight.

Xtreme teams will perform from 10 pm to almost midnight when the countdown begins for our New Year’s party! Doors open at 9 pm!

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