Duo Comedy Showcase
Wednesdays – 8 PM Pacific

The duo comedy showcase is opening up to Live in-the-theater audiences as well as online. We have improvisers performing from home and on stage LIVE at Unexpected Productions’ Market Theater at the Gum Wall! Wednesday 8:00pm.
The Duo Comedy Improv Showcase is Seattle’s ONLY improv open mic. This Wednesday improvisers of all experience levels will gather to pair up to create improv fun.

SIGN UP! All experience levels sign up for this. So don’t be afraid – YOUR TEAM may be the next Penn & Teller, Martin & Lewis, Bevis and Butthead…. or you may end up driving off a cliff like Thelma & Louise! Sign your duo up at duoshowcase@gmail.com
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Seattle Theatresports LIVE at the Market Theater
Friday and Saturday – 9:00 PM Pacific

Seated apart… and laughing together. After one year in the dark, we want to thank YOU and welcome you back to Theatresports, Seattle’s legendary improv show LIVE. It’s the same Theatresports you love…based on your suggestion, two teams of improvisers rumble, competing with exciting improv games. Seating is limited and socially distanced. After this year, we all deserve to laugh…together. Join us at the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market.

All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable. There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers. Please confirm your date.
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Improv Happy Hour
Fridays and Saturdays- 7:00 PM Pacific

Start your night off with a laugh! Come to a happy hour full of spontaneous fun! Comedy improv for all ages. Improv Happy Hour is a sampler of several styles of improv all packed into one show, from movie, literature, or play genres to experimental and risky comical improv forms! All content is based on audience suggestions so expect unexpected fun! At the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market. It’s a family-friendly show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again.

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Loose Cannons Improv
Thursdays 8 PM Pacific

You never know what will happen at Loose Cannons. Each show is different, exciting, dangerous, and fun. This will be a two-part improv. The first half of the night will present invited guests to perform a special show or style. You will create the suggestions and the ensemble will bring it to life.

The second half of the night’s format starts with a suggestion from the audience – this could undoubtedly be anything. Improvisers will start associating around the suggestion, and then an opening game is played. In this format, a lot of associated elements round the audience suggestions are presented. The opening game might be a song, a monologue, or simply a group association based on the audience’s suggestion. The idea is to use the elements and themes that come up or about in the opening game in what follows.

The improvisers will be loose cannons. What will they create? You decide! You are lighting the fuse.

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Sundays 7 PM Pacific

In this improvised neighborhood, 3 households are influenced by different playwright genres. Imagine how a Shakespearian character may react to a Sondheim character breaking into song! Experience how the story unfolds as they come together, interacting within their own play-inspired reality! Each household has characters who embody all the elements of a playwright’s style as though it were part of their culture. The genre elements are as normal to them as a foreign language would be to us! The characters interact with each other, and the improv fun begins.

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Shakespeare Unexpected
Fri./Sat 5/27 – 6/25 – 7 PM Pacific 

Shakespeare Unexpected is a fully improvised Shakespearean play. A little tragedy, a little comedy with plenty of wit and wordplay. Audience suggestions will be the inspiration for our players as they take you back to the age of Elizabethan England. Everyone will have a merry tyme. Come experience a “lost” classic that “could have been”.

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Inside Story: Improv and Storytelling
Sundays  – 8 PM Pacific April 24

This is an exciting exploration of storytelling in several exciting forms. Our talented cast of improvisers is inspired to create stories from your true-life secret, personal, and funny stories. It’s The Moth meets Whose Line is it Anyway, only less formatted, more spontaneous and out of control fun! Come share an Inside Story.

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Unexpected Productions hosts live shows from the Market Theater inside the historic Pike Place Market. Our theater has implemented COVID protocols for the safety of staff and patrons. Here’s our current show schedule, including both in-house and virtual shows! Can’t join us in person? Many of our Market Theater shows are streamed for free online via our Twitch channel.