Virtual Duo Comedy Showcase Tournament, Wed.  8:30

This is the first Xtreme Duo Tournament since 2018 and the first-ever online. Teams of improv comedians battle it out in pairs for your votes in an extreme improv tournament. Talented Improvisers, guest judges, and YOU from your home.

4 Wednesdays – 4 teams – 3 rounds – 2 on a team – 1 Duo winner!
Each show features multiple two-person teams doing what they do best: creating spontaneous scenes on the fly that are so hilarious, quick-witted and perfectly constructed, it’s hard to believe they are made up on the spot. Using suggestions from the audience to fuel the funny fire, these champions create death-defying acts of improvised hilarity that will have you bouncing around your living room.

Free and open to all! Wednesday 8:30PT NOTE: This is LIVE event on UP’s Twitch channel

If you want to help UP Improv stay alive until we can reopen the Market Theatre, just click on here to donate: And thanks!dproductions

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With Card Improv, Thur. 8:30

At 8:30pm, Thursdays Unexpected Productions improvisers present Wild Card Improv Experiments Online. The improvisers take off the safety net of carefully rehearsed structures and open it up and create some unexpected experiments.

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UPTV Improv Variety Hour, Fri. 7:00

The UPTV Variety Hour makes improvised television! The improvisers don’t know what visuals they’ll have to work with. Can they turn movie clips they’ve never seen into comedy based on your suggestions? Can they turn random photo collages into the content Netflix never knew it needed? Come see at UPTV! Your visuals + our voices = comedy together.

If you would like your pictures to be part of the photo pool for an upcoming UPTV show, please send them to Please only submit pictures that you and anyone in the picture are OK sharing with the world. We cannot guarantee that a given picture will appear on a given night.

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Improv Happy Hour Online, Sat. 8:30

Unexpected Productions presents an Improv Happy Hour. This is a wildly unpredictable hour were we strive to translate classic improv games online, create new ones address the events of the world, and use your suggestions to create a show. It has never been seen before and will never be seen again.

NOTE: This is LIVE event on UP’s Twitch channel:

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