Duo Comedy Showcase
Wednesdays – 8 PM Pacific


Duo Comedy Showcase is Seattle’s only public open-mic for improv. Two-person teams doing what they do best: creating spontaneous scenes on the fly that are so hilarious, quick-witted, and perfectly constructed, it’s hard to believe they are made up on the spot. At Duos, newer improvisers have an opportunity to improve while professional improvisers practice and try new things. Who knows, you might even want to join them. $10 every Wednesday at 8:00 at the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market

SIGN UP! All experience levels sign up for this. So don’t be afraid – YOUR TEAM may be the next Penn & Teller, Martin & Lewis, Bevis and Butthead…. or you may end up driving off a cliff like Thelma & Louise! Sign your duo up at duoshowcase@gmail.com

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Loose Cannons, Thursdays 8:00 pm

You never know what will happen at Loose Cannons. Each show is different, exciting, dangerous, and fun. This will be a two-part improv. The first half of the night will present invited guests to perform a special show or style. You will create the suggestions and the ensemble will bring them to life.

The second half of the night’s format starts with a suggestion from the audience – this could undoubtedly be anything. Improvisers will start associating around the suggestion, and then an opening game is played.

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Kiss of the Killer: An Improvised Film Noir, Fri. & Sat 7:30 pm 8/18 – 9/23 

Attention fans of pulp fiction novels and seedy Noir movies! You’ll love our show, Kiss of a Killer, where all the stories are improvised based on audience suggestions in the style of classic Film Noir. Our talented performers channel the likes of Barbara Stanwyck in “I’m Sorry, Wrong Number” and Lana Turner in “The Postman Always Rings Twice”. Brace yourself for thrilling tales of people on the run, love triangles that turn deadly, and war veterans struggling to adjust to life back home. What happens when temptation enters a once safe home? And what happens when one risky bet leads to another? Join us for Kiss of a Killer to find out!

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Seattle Theatresports LIVE at the Market Theater
Friday and Saturday – 9:30 PM Pacific

Welcome back to Theatresports, Seattle’s legendary improv show LIVE. It’s the same Theatresports you love…based on your suggestion, two teams of improvisers rumble, competing with exciting improv games. Seating is limited and socially distanced. After this year, we all deserve to laugh…together. Join us at the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market.

All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable. There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers. Please confirm your date.
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Newsfeed: Your News Improvised  8/20 – 9/24 7/27 Sundays 7:00pm


Have you ever felt like news channels fail to cover the stories that matter to you? Our improv show offers a solution! Our proficient improvisers source news topics directly from the audience, whether it’s a notable global event or a personal story about a new pet. They then perform fun scenes on stage, based on the audience’s suggestions. Come join us and create your own tailored Newsfeed!

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Horror Unexpected: Stories Grimm, 10/1-10/29 Sunday, 7:00m


Join us at Stories Grimm for an exciting and educational improvised horror show featuring new fairy tales created with your help. Experience the woods come alive with thrilling tales every Sunday at the Market Theater in Pike Place Market. Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with us and discover the magic of fairy tales #HorrorUnexpected #StoriesGrimm #ImprovisedHorror #FairyTale #MarketTheater #PikePlaceMarket

Fairy tales are more than real.” — Neil Gaiman

“Stray from your path.”

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Poe Unexpected: Edgar Allen Poe Improvised, 10/6 – 10/28, Fri. & Sat. 7:30 pm

Discover the lost tales of Edgar Allan Poe! Be a part of an exceptional evening of entertainment with Unexpected Production’s talented improvisers. They’ll take inspiration from Poe’s literary masterpieces and your ideas to create a spine-chilling experience. The perfect blend of comedy and darkness will have you in stitches. Don’t miss out on this incredible #edgarallanpoe #improv show at Seattle’s Pike Place Market Gum Wall!

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43nd Seattle International Comedy Competition, Nov. 2 & 9, Thursday 8pm


Looking for some top-notch stand-up comedy? Check out the Seattle International Comedy Competition, where comedians from all over the world come to compete. With 18 shows spread over 15 venues, this event lasts for 24 days and draws 32 talented comedians who are competing for over $16,000 in prize money. You’ll get to see the best of live comedy at Washington’s premier venues. The competition takes place throughout November and features two preliminary rounds, each consisting of four shows. Every night, sixteen comedians perform, but only five advance to the semi-finals. The judges, including entertainment industry professionals and media personalities, score the performances along with audience reactions to determine the winners. Who will take home the prize tonight? Come and see for yourself while supporting live comedy!

Prepare yourself for a weekend of hilarious entertainment at the 25th annual SketchFest Seattle! Talented performers from various parts of the country, such as Portland, LA, Michigan, Minnesota, and New York City, will showcase their top-notch sketch comedy. We are excited to host touring groups and connect with sketch comedy enthusiasts all around the globe. The event will run for three nights and feature seven shows, with numerous performers taking the stage. Don’t let this event slip away; come and join us at The Market Theater, situated in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

Are you curious about sketch comedy? It’s a series of quick and witty skits that are prepared and practiced beforehand to provide a funny and entertaining performance for viewers. If you love classic programs such as Saturday Night Live and The Kids in the Hall, or if you enjoy popular recent shows like Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave or HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show, then you’re familiar with the essence of sketch comedy. Here at SketchFest, we’re dedicated to supporting this fantastic genre of comedy throughout the year.

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Script Tease, Nov. 2 & 9, 11/3-11/18, Fri. & Sat. 7:30pm


Get ready for an unforgettable experience with Script Tease – a unique blend of script, improv, and fringe theatre that guarantees 100% fun! During each performance, a playwright will craft the first six pages of a full-length play, which will then be handed over to a cast of performers. These actors will receive their scripts and roles just before they get on stage, and they will perform a staged reading of those first six pages. Once they are done, they will put those scripts aside and start creating a two-act play from scratch through the art of improvisation. This incredible format is brought to you in partnership with Interrobang?! Improv, courtesy of The National Theatre of the World, who created this innovative concept.

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Genre Box: Improv with Style, 11/12 & 11/19, Sunday 7:00 pm


At Genre Box, we take a single story from the audience and then ask you to decide what genre or style they should be performing. Will it be a Youtube “how-to” video in the style of an action-adventure movie or a Tennessee Williams play? Then the improvisers will perform in the chosen style, with the audience knowing that they are figuring it out as they create a show in front of your eyes!

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An Improvised Christmas Carol, 11/24-12/23  Thur. – Sun. 7:30


Based on your suggestions, our improvisers will weave Dickens’ tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge in all sorts of hilarious ways. At this Seattle classic, each show is different merging this literary classic with over 30 audience suggestions into this holiday improvised show. Where does Scrooge work? What ails Tiny Tim? Does Scrooge even get reformed? It’s all up to you in this wild, hilarious holiday ride. A holiday tradition for countless locals since 1985. Each night is a new version of this old favorite, so join us at the Market Theatre in Pike Place Market and have a blast creating your own Christmas classic. Tickets $20 online $25 at the door. Created by Randy Dixon, and directed by Tony Beeman.

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY to get your seats and to make sure that you hear and see the 30+ show suggestions/offers to guarantee you understand the premise of each night’s unique performance.

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Fa la la la la, ha ha ha ha: A Holiday Musical Extravaganza!, 12/2-12/23, Saturdays 6:00pm


Don’t miss “Fa la la la la, ha ha ha ha: A Holiday Musical Extravaganza!” brought to you by Unexpected Productions and The Jingle Bells.

Join Sarah Hanchar and Christine Riippi, members of Unexpected Productions’ ensemble, as they celebrate the best part of the holidays: feel-good made-for-TV movie musicals! The festivities kick off with a sing-along and conclude with a movie musical based on audience suggestions. Bring the whole family to the Unexpected Productions Market Theater for some joyous yuletide fun. This year, forget the old and welcome the new with some new song time!

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Xtreme Theatresport New Year Eve Show, 12/31 10:00pm


Get ready for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration filled with laughter, companionship, and champagne! Join Unexpected Productions for Seattle’s one-of-a-kind fast-paced comedy improv battle, featuring 20 hilarious improvisers divided into 4 teams.

The audience scores each performance with cards marked 0-5, making this a party you won’t want to miss. We’ll are giving away amazing gifts and providing all the hats, streamers, and party favors you can think of. As the clock strikes midnight, we’ll raise our glasses for a special champagne toast, marking the start of a new year. The Xtreme teams will perform from 10 pm to almost midnight, leading up to the countdown for our fantastic New Year’s bash! Doors open at 9 pm sharp. Come join in on the fun!

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Free Improv All-stars at Jules Maes,  Last Tuesday 8:00pm


Get ready for a night of laughter and entertainment! Gorilla Theater is taking the stage as the stars of this month’s Jules Maes Allstars. Don’t miss out on the fun! Last Tuesday of the Month. (Except Oct. 24)

The All Stars have invited performers, featuring different improv duos, students, improv professionals, and improv groups from around the city. It’s an open mic for improv. Using your suggestions, each show features teams creating spontaneous scenes on the fly that are so hilarious it’s hard to believe they are made up on the spot.

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