Real Talk with Black Ice and TrIO, Wed. 6/3 8:30

Jay Hitt, Unexpected Productions Managing Director, and Duo host facilitates a frank conversation with cast members of the show Black Ice and members from the improv team TrIO.  Please join the conversation as they discuss improv and the current events impacting our world.

The Duo Comedy Showcase will return next week at it’s regularly scheduled time.

Free and open to all! This is LIVE event on UP’s Twitch channel

Wednesday   8:30

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Wild Card: Improv Experiments Online

At 8:30pm, Thursdays Unexpected Productions improvisers from Improv Anonymous present Wild Card Improv Experiments Online. The improvisers take off the safety net of carefully rehearsed structures and open it up and create some unexpected experiments.

Free and open to all! This is LIVE event on UP’s Twitch channel

Unexpected Productions is still experimenting with how to use technology to connect. As with all live improv shows, we have no idea what to expect–but then, that’s the name of our company! Come experience our Unexpected experiment.

Thursdays 8:30

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Market Ghost Stories Online, Friday 7:00

This Friday at 7:00, Mercedes Yaeger, the creator of Market Ghost Tours and Chris Last, the manager of the Market Ghost Stories discuss the skeletons and ghost of the Pike Place Market. Enjoy an evening of creepy, ghastly fun as they share the many ghost stories of the Market and the darker history of Seattle.
Free and open to all! Friday 7:00PT NOTE: This is a LIVE event on UP’s Twitch Channel

Free and open to all! This is LIVE event on UP’s Twitch channel

Fridays at 7:00

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Cliffhangers: Ture Stories of Peril and Courage, Sat. 8:30 pm

Host/creator Guy Nelson takes the audience to the edge in this new storytelling concept loosely based on improv game “the lotus,” which divides the stories up into scenes.

During the first half of the show, the storytellers share a story based on the theme of danger, peril, and courage. Their stories will be animated in true time by an artist and underscored by a musician.

In the second half, the tellers will debrief on the stories, discussing common themes or other reactions with the audience. If time remains, we can do some short improvised real stories based on audience ideas.

Free and open to all! NOTE: This is LIVE event on UP’s Twitch channel:

Saturday 8:30

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