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This Saturday 6/22 is a special Theatresports Anniversary show. Tickets are only $5 Saturday night only.
Reserve your tickets for the Theatresports Anniversary show 6/22 10:30 Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/theatresports-anniversary-show-tickets-58680349505

Seattle Theatresports, the longest running show in the city, is celebrating 36 years. It is fun, fast-paced and hilarious.

To celebrate, we are rolling back the ticket price to $5 this Saturday, 6/22 at 10:30.

Each dynamic night is created on the fly and is so funny it’s hard to believe the improvisers made everything up on the spot.

Boo the judges loudly as they award points to each team. At the end of the night, one team is declared a winner! The audience member with the best suggestion walks out with a prize and you walk out with new memories.

Come create a show! Leave the stresses of the world outside, join your friends (and a few strangers) to really LAUGH.

TheaterSports, all the way! They are goofy, silly, funny, unabashed, clever, witty people. I didn’t know what to expect before going but found myself laughing at practically everything they did or said. This is improv comedy at its finest. Lea A., 5 stars, Yelp